Until Next Time, Korea

My roommate Linda and I recorded a little something to say good bye to the people who made this year really special for us.

I finished worked the last Friday in July, and July 31st was my last day at Hannam Church. I apologize for such a late good bye post. The last month of our working life in Korea was hectic from beginning to end, including what you know of moving twice and caring for a dying kitten. There were a number of other things that definitely threw us off, including the normal things that keep people busy when they are leaving a country they’ve lived in for a year including packing up and saying good bye to everyone. My last month in Korea may have been the most challenging month of my time as a YAV.

After packing up and leaving Linda and I then went on a two and a half week trip to Singapore and Shanghai. We stayed at my cousin’s house in Singapore, nearly got deported from China upon arrival, and spent time with my best friend in Shanghai. Everything being quite a whirlwind!

We arrived again in Korea just yesterday, and just as the song says, we will be leaving Korea for good for the year tomorrow. This year has been life changing in many ways I don’t think I’ll be able to articulate for a good long while. I am so thankful for all the people who have supported me during this year monetarily, as well as as a community, through prayer, and emotional support. Thanks those who have been reading, commenting, or sharing my blog. I’m thankful for the people who have opened their homes to me, and fed me, and just been my friend. This year would not be the same without you. Each one has reminded me, and renewed my faith in humanity especially amidst some of the more difficult times.

Plans for the Future

It has felt very similar to the end of college. The question everyone wants to know is “What are you doing next?” Immediately next I’ll be heading back to my home near Chicago and looking for a job. I’ll be in Chicago for the next year to help my dear friends, Spence and Jessica, with their wedding next summer. I’m hoping to return to Korea the following year. I plan on continuing my education in Korean and getting certified to teach English. I’m looking into opportunities both for the following year and for my time in Korea after that. My tentative plans are to start graduate school following that hopefully pursuing a dual degree in Theology (MDiv) and Social Work (MSW). I realize that plans can always change, but it sounds like a pretty good one to me so far.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any good opportunities (job or otherwise) for a person with my background for the next year in the Chicago area! (Just thought I’d throw that out there)

Do you have questions for me? Are you curious about something I never answered? Want to hear stories I never posted on my blog? Want to invite me to your church to talk about the YAV program? I am also happy to talk about my YAV experience for anyone who is curious.

This blog is not dead also! Please keep a look out for my transition experience back to the US, and perhaps some reflection or memories I didn’t post during the year.