My Site Placement!

I have happy news to share with you. My site coordinator, Kurt, has informed me of my site placement for the year. I will be working at:

복음행복한홈스쿨 지역아동센터

(Bokeum Haengbokhan Home-seukool Jiyeok Adong CenteohBokeum Happy Home School District Children’s Center)

기관 설명 (Site Description):

The purpose of this center is to protect and nurture children from low income families, multicultural families, and families with single parents by providing diverse programs and identifying problem areas in health, emotions, and social needs in order for them to grow in a healthy environment. Furthermore, the center offers love and provides for whatever needs are possible for all the children no matter what circumstance they are in. The center also provides support, advocacy, and serves to network with the local community to solve the root of the family issues until the family can restore their healthy functions.

I am ecstatic to have been placed here! This is a new site, so none of us are quite sure what to expect. I don’t even have pictures, but this is work I feel life has been preparing me for. There are so many dynamics to this site that speak to topics near and dear to my heart. Be it low-income families, multicultural families, single parent households, or simply families in tough situations, I feel ready to jump in feet first to this work.

I also come from a multicultural family. My grandparents were from China and Burma. My parents’ generation were all born and raised in Burma because of World War II as non-citizen aliens because of their Chinese heritage. Because of threat of genocide with the Cleansing they moved to the US. While I am personally a little removed from that because I was born in the US and raised in the suburbs, I grew up with Chinese, Burmese, and American culture (American culture being it’s own mixed bag as well).

As I get older, the people I know grow older too and have their own families and children. A few of those families very close to my heart are single parents households. A few have gone through divorce, sickness, and economic hardship. I have seen the struggle for people I love.

While I am neither a refugee nor a single parent, I hope my experience and the empathy my life has nurtured will be good guiding forces for this new challenge. I know that things will not be the same. I am entering a new culture, a different language, and a dynamic between cultures that I do not understand. I can only hope that with all my passion for the work ahead that I can be a useful tool to this center and provide something of value for the families that are there.


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